Rostfri Stapelbar Tank SBP

Palletised tank for storing and internal handling.
Shaped base with fork-slot for lift truck and manual transpallet.
Bottom with deep drawn shaped discharge to grant full product discharge.


  • Stainless steel cold-rolled AISI 304 tank (AISI 316 upon request), 2b finish.
  • Cold-forged bottom covers with optimised shape, minimum thickness: 1,5 mm.
  • Robotized TIG welding process. Pickled and passivated seams.
  • Bath-galvanized stainless steel palletised base (painted upon request).
  • Stainless steel ring welded to the tank and screwed to the base.
  • On request in steel inox AISI 304.


  • Different types of rapid fittings or nipples.
  • Stirrers, washing systems, etc.
  • Level gauges.
  • Insulation and heating plates.
  • Dimensional changes and customised equipment to meet all needs.


  1. 400 mm. diameter manhole
  2. Lid with clamp closure
  3. Ball or butterfly outlet, max diam. DN 50 (2”)
  4. Pressure relief valve


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